Kathleen James and I are seeking re-election to the Vermont House of Representatives and will once again run a joint campaign in 2022. Together, we serve the Bennington-4 district, which includes the towns of Arlington, Sandgate, Manchester and northwest Sunderland (see map here).

We have been honored to represent our district for the last two years.

During the 2020 campaign, we promised to focus our efforts on COVID recovery, housing that is affordable for all segments of Vermont’s population, extending broadband coverage to all of Vermont, making high-quality childcare affordable to working parents, and tackling climate change with smart policy that both curbs emissions and strengthens our economy. We also promised to listen to our constituents and keep in touch with our communities.

Here at home and in the statehouse, we have kept those promises. Please download our 2022 end of session report to learn how.

We plan a vigorous re-election effort with a lot of door-to-door campaigning, house parties, and clear messaging of our beliefs and goals. Thank you for the opportunity to serve you for the last two years. We look forward to seeing you face-to-face between now and November, and … 

We need your help! Please volunteer for our campaign and chip in to help us pay for mailings, yard signs and more. We can’t win without you!

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