Ed Campbell (Manchester)

James and Bongartz for State Representative

To the Editor:

I write to support of Kathleen James and Seth Bongartz for the Vermont legislature. I am a life-long Republican and I whole-heartedly support Governor Scott. But, when it comes to our legislators, I look for people of stature who can effectively represent the needs and wishes of our district in Montpelier.

I have never before seen at the level of district representation the comprehensive, incredibly thoughtful platform laid out on Seth and Kathleen’s website, and the time and effort they invested in constructing it is indicative of their seriousness and dedication. Seth and Kathleen clearly understand our district – both the very real challenges we face, and the long-term opportunities of which we can take advantage if we directly embrace them now.

There are many dedicated people in our district putting in hundreds of volunteer hours to improve the lives of their neighbors. They believe in their communities. We need equally positive representatives who can connect that dedication and those efforts with the legislature and the rest of state government, to ensure the success of these initiatives.

While Kathleen and Seth are different people, they share some key traits; they are not ideologues, they listen, they are highly respected and they are incredibly hard-working. Those are qualities that we now desperately need in government, and in Montpelier.


Ed Campbell (Manchester Center)

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