Jeff and Ginny Dexter, Sunderland


Since the extensive divisions in our nation will not be cured by our national “leaders” it’s imperative we not lose hope but, instead, look to neighborhoods, towns, counties and states to bring us together again…from the bottom up. Regarding our upcoming elections, we urge you to look strongly at Vermont State Representative candidates Kathleen James and Seth Bongartz to start the healing.
Having stood shoulder-to-shoulder with State Rep. James, we know her to be a very good listener, an intelligent professional and a tireless worker. In considering the views of all her constituents, she also has the ability to compromise with fellow legislators in order to take action to solve pressing problems. In serving on the Education Committee and related higher-education boards, she will continue to push for top-notch educational opportunities for all Vermonters. She will work hard to address our social/racial/economic inequalities to make the American Dream more of a reality for everyone. She is committed to affordable childcare, housing and healthcare; she’s leading the crucial battle of climate action; and she has helped to lead the broadband effort in our region.
While we haven’t had the privilege of working with Seth Bongartz on current issues, we are familiar with the successes of his varied careers. As an attorney, community and statewide leader and transformative longtime executive director of Hildene, he’s fully aware of the economic and healthcare challenges facing all types of area workers. He espouses understands our local economy and the need for a livable wage, affordable healthcare, conserving our environment, and retaining and attracting young people to our state. Having served once as a State Rep, he will be able to use this experience to hit the ground running and tackle the tough issues.
In closing, as we face major issues locally, statewide and nationally, we need representatives to unite us now more than ever. We need representatives who will seriously consider all sides of these issues. Reps who will fight for families… fight for the environment…fight for economic fairness…and fight to unite us all for the common good. Kathleen James and Seth Bongartz are two proven, practical and professional public servants who will continue to work tirelessly for our areas’ citizens and the state of Vermont. — Jeff and Ginny Dexter, Sunderland